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MySunrise launch new cancer specific pathways

February 22, 2024

We are really excited to reveal the launch of new cancer specific pathways in the MySunrise app. This will allow patients in Devon and Cornwall to view a bespoke version of the MySunrise app based around their cancer type.

This will apply to patients who are undergoing or preparing for treatment for Breast, Colorectal, Endometrial, Head and Neck, Lung and Prostate cancers.

Users can access these pathways by tapping on the NHS button at the bottom of the home page of the MySunrise app and then select the Update Information button. Here they will be prompted to choose a Region, along with a Cancer Type. This will deliver a bespoke version of the app with information specifically tailored to that cancer type. This process has been updated to make it easier for patients to select cancer specific content by notifying them which cancer type has a specific pathway.

We have also completed a pathway for Lynch Syndrome patients developed with the SWGMSA. This contains separate and bespoke information about testing for and living with Lynch.

These pathways have been a regional approval process and developed by clinical leads in the Peninsula. They have been designed to include the most useful information and links for patients as they go through treatment.  

Key features and benefits to these pathways include...

My First Appointment – this section includes information related to tests patients may receive as part of diagnosis following 2 week wait referral or through screening etc.

Support groups - configured to only show cancer specific support groups in local area.

Genomics information – configured by South West Genomics team this delivers information about genetic testing specific to cancer type.

Links to Clinical trials – every pathway has been locally configured to trials through Be Part of Research – eg Cornwall/ 20 mile radius/colorectal cancer – to produce up-to-date search results for relevant trials – see example HERE

Prehab for cancer – each pathway includes a section devoted to Prehab. At the moment this section is generic information but we are really pleased to be in the process of starting to configure universal level 1 resources for these Cancer Pathways that patients can access for free and early in diagnosis and that will feed into prehab services in your Trust. Please get in touch to find out more.

Pre-Assessment and Consent – links into virtual pre-assessment checklist for SACT and radiotherapy if completed and available in your trust.

Treatment – the treatment section contains local clinical lead videos and information about local treatments specific for cancer type.

Support after treatment – this section is designed to be configured to support patients after treatment and links into remote monitoring and PIFU pathways where available.

Contact Centre - this has been streamlined so that only contacts relevant to each cancer type (in particular CNSs) are displayed in order to help patient find out who to contact more easily.

We are extremely grateful to all the clinical advisors in the Peninsula who have done a fantastic job and without which this would not have been possible.