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MySunrise is an award winning Cancer Companion App designed by NHS cancer teams for NHS cancer patients.
Supporting patients every step of the way through treatment at their local NHS cancer centre.
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Developed in partnership with the
Cancer Centre

Up-to-date information from your local Cancer Centre

Provides unique information specifically relevant to the treatments and services provided at your NHS cancer centre including support groups and contact details.

My Treatment Pathway

Treatment information for every step of your cancer pathway

Provides a wealth of information resources and videos on Cancer treatments offered at your centre, including what's involved, side effects, supportive medications and where you need to go for treatment.

Preparing for Treatment

Prepare for treatment out of hospital

Empowering you with out of hospital support to improve the outcomes of your treatment.

Monitoring My Symptoms

Track your wellbeing at every stage of your cancer journey

Supporting your wellbeing and symptoms and side effects whilst on treatment - including how to deal with them and when to get in touch with your specialist.

Contact Centre

Contact information for your
cancer team all in one place

One of the most useful sections of the app, this contains a complete directory of who to contact before, during and after treatment at your cancer centre.

Supporting you through every step

Free and designed around you
The free cancer companion app  includes national advice with locally curated content.
Improves your experience.
Reduces anxiety and helps patients feel more in control through treatment.
Unlock the benefits of remote digital support
Supports access to video consults and enables virtual
Improved outcomes
Helps you get started on treatment faster, better informed and being better prepared.
Take control and get the right support
Enable patients to track their well-being whilst on treatment and get the right help and symptom support when needed.
Patient Stories

Discover Patient Stories

Discover how patients have used MySunrise as part of their cancer journey

How to use MySunrise

Make the most out of MySunrise

See how to make the most of the MySunrise app for any stage of treatment.

Trusted information from your local NHS Cancer Centre

MySunrise has been developed by NHS cancer teams, oncology consultants and nurses working with their patients. We understand cancer treatment and have designed a unique treatment pathway within the app which helps patients to get the best from their treatment at their local centre.

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patients who are receiving treatment for cancer have downloaded MySunrise

"This is a great app to go along side the Macmillan Apps. Being a cancer patient myself I found this full of useful information and relevant sign posting to other links. If you are awaiting or have just been diagnosed this app of information and videos will put you at ease and will arm you with tools and knowledge so you know what to expect. Great idea team and thank you to everyone involved in putting this together for us the cancer patient and also our families who support us during these journeys"

Cancer Patient at Royal Cornwall Hospital


Found the app easy to use

MySunrise is a practical tool that has been helpful during my cancer journey. Sharing information with my family and friends and rewatching videos is easy. The app's design is simple and It's great to have all the information I need in one place!

Cancer Patient from North Devon


Reported reassurance and confidence from using the app

"This is a good App. Its really helped me at different times when I've been having treatment"

Cancer Patient from Exeter

We partner with allied organisations with a focus on improving cancer care and to ensure a quality and purpose in everything we do

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