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MySunrise, a free patient cancer App designed for your NHS treatment centre.


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About MySunrise


The MySunrise App is an award winning free information resource designed specifically to support patients through their cancer journey at their NHS Hospital. 

MySunrise is currently live at Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro and has been developed with the Oncology Team at Royal Cornwall Hospital, and  supported by the Sunrise Appeal.

MySunrise provides a complete up-to-date information and reference tool for Cancer patients and their families, which guides and supports them through their cancer journey. It is complete with a whole range of videos, relevant links, cancer resources and contact information all specific to their own NHS Hospital cancer centre. 


Key Highlights

MySunrise - helping you to take back control of your cancer treatment.

My Cancer Centre

 The first section of the App provides unique information specifically relevant to the treatments and services provided at your NHS cancer centre. This includes useful local information such as available day case services and inpatient facilities as well as relevant parking and travel information.

The treatments section of the App provides all the Information you need about the different Cancer treatments offered at your centre, including what's involved and where you need to go. Information about radiotherapy and medical treatments is provided, as well as advice about supportive medications and how to get involved in cancer trials.


A diagnosis of Cancer can be a real shock and a very uncertain time for patients and their families. With so many cancer types and new treatments, each patient journey is different. The My Journey section provides a whole host of patient information, including cancer support groups, how to contact nurse specialists, holistic needs and alternative therapies that will help you to get the help you need.

Things to look out for

Sometimes patients can experience side effects whilst on treatment. This section provides a whole range of information on side effects and complaints that may be experienced and importantly, advice about how to deal with them and when you need to get in touch with your cancer specialist.

My Journey



For Patients...​ 

Helps patients get access to the

information they need at the right time along their treatment pathway.


A Free App easily avaliable across Android and iOS platforms. Information in your pocket !


Trusted and approved information from your local cancer centre.


Reduces anxiety and improves patient care by helping patients make better decisions about their treatment. 


For NHS Trusts...

Up-to-date trust approved patient information ensuring patients get the right advice. 


Designed by Trust Cancer Leads and integrated into your local service delivery.


 Improves patient care through an efficient digital first approach.


Saves time during consultations and saves money - no more printed leaflets!



-From Cornwall

'I love the app! It’s really informative, lots of useful stuff on there which no doubt will be invaluable at diagnosis stage'

Would you like MySunrise for your Hospital ? 

We are currently looking for new sites for the MySunrise App if you think this would be of benefit for your local NHS Cancer Centre please contact us.....





We'd love to hear from you

We are continually trying to improve the MySunrise App and keep the information up-to-date as much as possible. 

Our sole aim is to support all cancer patients and their families as much as possible through this difficult time and we hope you find the information in this App helpful. 

If you have any comments or suggestions at all about how we can improve this resource we would love to hear from you. Please contact us below.......

Would you like MySunrise for your Hospital ? 

We are currently looking for new sites for the MySunrise App if you think this would be of benefit for your local NHS Cancer Centre please do contact us...