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Digital Cancer Support
for Better Patient Outcomes

MySunrise provides a complete up-to-date information and support tool for patients and their families before,
during and after their cancer treatment at their NHS Cancer Centre.
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Developed in partnership with the
Patients and Carers

MySunrise, the personalised cancer companion app for every stage of the cancer journey.

MySunrise acts as a comprehensive guide through the continuum of cancer care. It offers up-to-date support and information tailored to each stage of the journey, including pre-treatment, active treatment, and post-treatment phases, at your designated NHS Cancer Centre.

Healthcare Providers

A fully integrated service platform for providers.

MySunrise is designed with NHS Cancer teams and integrates into your local service delivery - improving patient care through an efficient digital-first approach.

Current pressures on the NHS are unsustainable, we have to think differently about how we optimise the delivery of cancer services.

We use our digital platform to support the re-design of cancer services, empower patients, optimise efficiency, save NHS resources, and inform with vital health population insights.
Locally Configured NHS Cancer Support
Supporting Cancer Centres to create and configure local digital resources for their patients, on free single digital patient held platform.
Personalised Care
for Patients
Providing a personalised digital approach for cancer patients across whole treatment pathways is unique to our platform and the first of its kind.
Helps prepare patients for treatment
We help empower patients to become better prepared for their treatment. Supporting with OOH appointments, taking pressure off the workforce and improving pt experience and outcomes.
Enabling virtual wards for oncology
Our real time monitoring of ePROs for cancer patients on SACT enables a virtual ward approach for cancer patients supported out of hospital where ever possible.
Personalised Stratified Follow-Up
(Remote Monitoring
Support patients after treatment and in follow up OOH through targeted PIFU. Supports in primary care with cancer care reviews

Collaborating with Oncology services: Empowering both Patients and Providers

We partner with trusts and Cancer Networks across the UK to deliver localised information and personalised support - saving NHS time and money and improving patient experience.

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500+ hours

Nursing time saved since launch in 2020

MySunrise has had such a positive impact on the way we deliver pre-treatment information, enabling us to provide safe and effective care. The app provides an excellent resource empowering patients and gives them a good insight into their treatment plan.

Juliet Rickard - Lead SACT Nurse - Royal Cornwall Hospital

2700 hours

Patient time saved

I find the app is able to give patients access to trustworthy, reliable and current information which they are able to access at a time which suits them.

Nicola Jones -  Macmillan Immunotherapy Clinical Nurse Specialist at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

75% Patients

reported reassurance from using the app

This is a great app to go along side the Macmillan Apps. Being a cancer patient myself I found this full of useful information and relevant sign posting to other links. If you are awaiting or have just been diagnosed this app of information and videos will put you at ease and will arm you with tools and knowledge so you know what to expect.

Cancer Patient at Torbay Hospital

We partner with allied organisations with a focus on improving cancer care and to ensure a quality and purpose in everything we do

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