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MySunrise app launches across the South West

October 27, 2022

We’re delighted to announce, after months of hard work, we are launching the MySunrise App today on the 30th September 2020. This app has been developed to support cancer patients and their families in the South West, from the moment of their diagnosis all the way through their treatment pathway. The app is expected to support thousands of people in Devon and Cornwall and provides them with all the information they need conveniently located on their smart phone. The team at Technical Health have been working closely with Oncology teams in the 5 NHS Trusts in Devon and Cornwall to create a bespoke version of the MySunrise app for each Trust.

‘We initially created the app to support patients with the right advice and support at the right time whilst undergoing their cancer treatment.’ Explained Dr John McGrane, Consultant Oncologist at Royal Cornwall Hospital. ‘With the challenges of coronavirus we are now able to get up-to-date information directly to patients at a very difficult time for them, waiting and worrying at home about their treatment. Using the app has made a big difference to the way we work with cancer patients in Cornwall and we are thrilled that the Peninsula Cancer Alliance have been able to support the development of an unique version of the MySunrise app across 4 more NHS Trusts in the South West. The app is now available to download from today and judging from the feedback in Cornwall, we hope it will now continue to support thousands of cancer patients and their families across the South West.” Added Dr John McGrane.

Download on the Apple App Store   HERE

Download on the Google play store  HERE

The app is free to download for cancer patients and their families, and acts as a patient companion which guides and supports them through their cancer treatment. It is complete with a whole range of videos, relevant links, cancer resources and contact information all specific to their own NHS Cancer Centre. It can help patients find everything they need to know on there, from which bus to catch to the hospital right through to support groups in their local areas and what to expect when coming in for treatment.

The MySunrise app includes features designed to better communicate directly with patients, reducing the need for patients to contact their centre or visit unnecessarily. Available to download on the App stores, MySunrise will allow the 5 Cancer Centres using it to keep patients up to date and help them contact the right Cancer Services when needed. It also helps patients access video consultations, contains a section on side effects that may be experienced whilst on treatment, and allows patient to directly access advice on Covid 19 and how it is affecting services in their area.

This is a fantastic example of a digital innovation in the Peninsula, with cancer centres pulling together to help give patients more control and information about their treatments and where to turn when they need help.’ Explained Dr George Brighton, a GP in Devon and Director, Technical Health Ltd. ‘The app allows each Trust to communicate with their cancer patients, giving them the right advice and helps point them to video consultations, reducing the need for them to leave home to travel into hospital. The ability to easily provide cancer patients with up to date information is a real benefit at the moment in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.’ Dr Brighton added.

The initial version of the app won a national technology award when it was first launched in Cornwall in 2018 where it has already been used by over 2000 cancer patients receiving treatment. With over 12,000 new cancer patients receiving treatment in Devon and Cornwall every year, take-up is expected to extend far beyond Cornwall as the other 5 NHS Trusts adopt the new app for their own patients.

The MySunrise App is available live from the App stores from the 30th September 2020.

Download to Apple devices HERE

Download to Android devices HERE

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