MySunrise Monitoring
Enabling Virtual Wards for Oncology Teams

MySunrise Monitoring is a platform for both patients and cancer teams aimed
at monitoring toxicity and improving patient quality of life at every stage of their cancer journey.
Wellness Monitoring

Monitor patient wellbeing at every stage for improved quality of life for patients

Knowing when your challenges and benefits happen can help you take steps to take control during your cancer journey.

Symptom Monitoring

Track symptoms in parallel to treatment and medication changes - so you’re always one step ahead

New medications can be daunting. Balancing medication side effects against improvement in illness related problems can help you visualise benefit of treatments. Knowing the impact of medications can help us tailor medication to try to maximise both cancer control and quality of life.

Preparing for Treatment

See whether the patient has seen all the resources necessary for preparing for treatment, saving clinician time

Knowing what information patients have been reading allows for more relevant and meaningful consultants. Avoid repetition and engage with patients based on what they need to know.

More than just Patient Related Outcomes

Our Remote Monitoring platform efficiently consolidates a wide range of critical data points, including patient demographics, pre-assessment status, treatment type/stage, medication records, and Patient-Related Outcomes (PROs) data. This comprehensive solution equips your healthcare team with the necessary insights to make informed, precise, and timely decisions.
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