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Its National Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist Day today ! March 15th 2022

Updated: Mar 15

It’s been a real privilege working with the Cancer Nurse Specialists (CNS) in the South West and to see first hand what an incredible job they do. Today in recognition of the amazing work they do we hope you will join us in celebrating National Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist Day !

You might not have heard of a Cancer Nurse Specialist before. Well, CNS's play a vital role in supporting cancer patients undergoing treatment at every stage. Their expertise is so important in helping patients get the best from their treatment and overcoming any issues they might be experiencing such as the side effects of their treatment. As demand increases on cancer services we need more CNS' than ever before.

Every cancer patient should have access to a CNS as a point of contact during their cancer pathway.

The CNS has a unique role to play and an in-depth knowledge of cancer types and the various treatments options available. They will often have had additional training and qualifications relevant to specific cancer types such as Breast or Colorectal Cancer. Their main priority is their patients going through treatment, but they can also offer amazing support to family and carers too.

Here are some of our CNSs in the Peninsula !

So what does a CNS do ? They have a unique role in supporting their patients:

  1. They act as a point of contact within the team for patients and as someone who has specialist knowledge of different cancer types.

  2. They co-ordinate care between various teams in the hospital and keep the GP informed of progress and challenges.

  3. They act as a source of information, advice and support throughout the patients cancer pathway.

  4. They can point patients in the direction of other help they may need such as mental health support.

  5. Act as an advocate (voice) in meetings where cases are reviewed and where decisions are made about treatment.

  6. They can talk through information given in clinic or on the ward to make it more understandable for patients and their families.

  7. Offer advice about lifestyle and diet changes that may help patients through their treatment.

A huge thank you to all the CNS's across the South West for all their hard work and the incredible job they do!

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